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Click on the Patch Nourishing Your Body, we specialize in creating wellness programs that are biblically based. Our programs take a holistic approach, encompassing all aspects of wellness for body, mind and spirit.

KEMPOMAN brings you the Kempo / Kenpo Classics for only $13.00 American Kenpo Karate Shaolin Kempo Karate and much more watch for detials

We recently had someone help us put up a few videos on some of the video sharing websites. I am Master Steve Venturino 5th degree Black Belt Shaolin Kempo Karate and 5th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kuntao Kung Fu. The Books and or videos on my website here with the Kempoman name are copy written materials. The Classics I have acquired over the years are non copy written videos Seminars Tournament & Clinics mostly from the 1980s. I offer the videos because I believe the classics should be shared with any and all who desire to learn from them. Note to Martial arts school owners here is a chance to acquire some of the old classics and share them with your students.
We realize people will take the classics and make copies themselves as I said the classics are non copy written videos we completely expect this Imagine if you will I only sell 10 copies to Martial Arts instructors who sell 10 copies to their students who sell 10 copies to their friends you get where this is going together we can share the classics with a MILLION KEMPOMEN maybe more.

Kempo Man the self defense study guide a 125 page manual and 2 hour instructional video
is here
In The Book Kempoman a study guide you will see all the Forms White to 5th degree black written out step by step
The Section on Anatomy of Kempo shares over 200 stances strikes kicks and more and where they are found in the forms
The first 60 Combinations of the Shaolin Kempo Karate system are photographed with step by step instruction written out to help you in your training.

Baby boy blue
On February 8th 1967 I came into this world as a blue baby, I had lost oxygen to my brain at birth I am not blue anymore thankful to be alive. In the first few years I spent more time going to the hospital then going anywhere. At age two I could barley walk always dragging my right leg behind. The doctors said I had Cerebral Palsy and this effected the motor movements on my right side and my right leg was some three inches shorter then my left. The Doctors cut tendons attached a brace did everything they could to help me walk the big boot and brace helped for a time but I couldnít stand up straight without help of the brace and big shoe. When I was 5 years old I went forward to the alter of a small church in Ohio the Pastor took the brace off and the church prayed and this five year old boy watched his leg grow three inches Praise the Lord I could stand up straight for the first time in my life. Since then all I wanted was to tell the world about JESUS.

Through the years I had physical and emotional struggles trying to deal with the physical differences with my right and left sides. I chose the martial arts to help in the coordination strength flexibility all the areas I needed help in seem to be a specialty of one or more of my Kempo Fathers. I am grateful for all their help. I wrote and dedicated my first book, KempoMan a self defense study guide to my Kempo Fathers.

I am now a Master level 5th degree Black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate promoted by Great Grand master Fred Villari
And a Master level 5th degree Black belt in Shaolin Kuntao Kung Fu promoted by Grand Master Frank Arteese and endorsed by Great Grand Master Villari

I have tried to hide my handicap most of my life there are even those who have trained with me in the past if you asked them now would say I never knew
However as I get older the handicap is more pronounced and I still walk around work with a cup of coffee in my right hand which appears normal but it hides the fact I am favoring the right arm.

All of this has been said to shed light on NO MATTER A PERSONS HANDICAP if you have great mentors teachers KEMPO FATHERS I like to call them and you practice enough you can achieve whatever level of success you want in life.
It is with this in mind I have decided to share with the world what my Kempo Fathers shared with me

For all who read this
May God bless you and have a mighty good day
Steve Venturino 5th degree black belt

Footprints of life
I took my first steps today not sure how old I am just grabbed onto the leg of a chair pulled myself up and started walking
4 steps my mom told me 4 steps before I fell on my butt and tried again
My Mom tells me I was about 14 months old a little late start for most to be mobile I guess the cerebral palsy and the fact my right leg was shorter then my left must have contributed to the late start in life on that walking thing
But there is no stopping me now as I walked down the hall I turned and saw well I donít know what they are I just stood and pointed
Mom said those are your footprints everywhere you walk in this life you will leave footprints
Footprints footprints and more footprints
I am in my 50s now
I have walked with a limp
I have walked with confidence
I have walked in fear
I have walked in faith
I have walked with Family
I have Walked with Friends
I have walked with enemies
I have seen confidence walk away
I have seen Fear walk away
I have seen my faith walk away
I have seen my family walk away
I have seen my Friends walk away
Jesus said He would never leave me nor forsake me and he HAS NEVER WALKED AWAY
So, as I look in the mirror I ask myself
Where are your footprints being seen?
The Footprints of LIFE
Whose footprints are you following
Who is following yours
What impact will your footprints leave on the lives of others
God is tracking your footprints of Life
Where are your footprints being seen?

5/5/2018 Steve Venturino


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