Change your Theology to Accommodate your Tragedy

Change your Theology to Accommodate your Tragedy
I believe God is a Good God. I believe God Loves Me and I believe God Wants to bless me. When life is, good God is Good, but when bad things happen I change my theology to accommodate my tragedy.
Look at this bad thing happening in my life. I think God is trying to teach me something. I once had a job, all my bills were paid, a roof over my head and food on the table. But I saw a job where I was promised $1 per hour more. I believed, Gods is a Good God He Loves Me and Wants to bless Me so I took the job. Believing at the time this is surly a door the Lord is opening to bless us. But thinking back to that time we just saw the dollar more and did not take into account the job I currently had was 2 miles down the street from our apartment and the newer job was 20 miles away. I was hired to be the manager in which I would run things for the boss when he wasn't there. Day one the boss hired someone else to be the manager which I became the assistant manager, but I was still paid my $1 more per hour then the other job for about 6 weeks. The money was good. My wife and I had to leave the house one hour earlier and got home one hour later then we used to. But we decided the money was good, so we didn't have a problem with rearranging our schedules to make it work. At this time, we had been married for a couple of months and we were trying to get ahead with our finances. So now I am the assistant manager on salary 60 hours a week plus a share of the gratuities at this car wash. And the car wash was an hour away from the apartment, but the money was good. Many, many problems but the money was good. Now to make a long story short the manger was into drugs as well as the boss and since I showed up early and stayed until the work was done showing the Lords integrity. I didnít fit in. I was told to dry a car by the manager and while drying the car he then preceded to tell me to go get something for him in the laundry room. After returning from the laundry room I was fired for not finishing drying the car I was working on. When I went in to talk the boss he said I have to stick with my manager your fired. I was convinced I was supposed take this new job for $1 more per hour because it was more money. I was wrong. So, after 6 weeks of working I was fired and it took me 6 more weeks until I could find a new job. Letís look at the money. Car wash one I worked 60 hour for $6 per hour plus gratuities which at this car wash was equivalent to $1 per hour so roughly $7 per hour. The gratuities were split among some 20 employees. So, 60 hour per week @ $7 per hour $420 per week
Car wash 2 we had about 7 to 8 employees sharing the gratuities. We averaged about $37 a day in gratuities. 60 Hours a week $7 per hour plus gratuities 6 Day work week. 60 times $7 plus $37 xs 6= $420 plus $222 Total $642 per week. Now remember I was fired after 6 weeks on the new job and went without work for 6 more weeks. Job one:12 weeks of income would have been $420 xs 12 = $5040.00
Job two work 6 weeks then no work for 6 weeks = $642 xs 6 = $3852.00
Gods a Good God, He Loves Me and Wants to bless me. When your offered a dollar more per hour you take it because you believe at the time in your life the real prosperity Gospel is just about money right. Of course, I am being fictitious. We were tired of getting up earlier to leave the apartment. It also took one hour earlier to get to work and getting home one hour later, but the money was good. But how stressed do you think we were when the money stopped because the job stopped! The thief comes but for to kill steal and destroy, but I am Come that you might Have Life and Have it more abundantly. John 10:10 Cross References:
John 5:40 yet you refuse to come to Me to have life.
John 10:11 I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
Donít change your theology to accommodate your tragedy. God was not in this mess, I simply saw $1 more per hour and because God has given us a free will we sometimes do things that are not in His will. Then we try to say God was teaching me something. Stop right there! Reread the above story. I never said I prayed about it or that I clearly heard from the Lord that this new job was the direction God had for my life. It was all me and it cost me! So, seek the Lord and pray for Him to give you His peace before doing something that looks good in our eyes. The Lord knows what we need and what is good for us. So, in His due time things that we seek, if in His will it will come to pass.

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