Change your World

"Change your World"
Despise not small beginnings start with a penny a nickel a dime a quarter just get started and stick with it

How are your spending habits Iím not talking about a coffee shop you frequent daily or your favorite clothing store or your Friday night routine of dinner and a movie that takes place 52 weeks a year.

I am talking about actual spending and your mindset on change

In the first few weeks after meeting my wife I told her I would change her life I asked her to close her eyes and hold her hands out I took a jar of coins I had been saving and poured the coins out into her hands and watched as they overflowed onto the floor we have never been the same

We have developed a habit of not spending our change

Whenever we go to the store the change we receive goes into a jar and we save for a month sometimes more then give the money to a worthily cause

Its not as easy as it sounds have you ever shopped at a dollar store for just one item gave the cashier a dollar and then reached for the pennies to pay the tax after awhile you learn to just give them two dollars and wait for change

My wife was shopping at a goodwill store the other day and I noticed the cashier asked if we would like to round up our total to the next dollar amount they wanted the pennies nickels dimes and quarters we said no we donít just give to anyone

Think if you will how many stores nationwide where the cashier ask would you like to round up to the next dollar just how much more money are they receiving

OK OK OK Now that we see the importance of change lets change our world

If everyone in your house saved their change for one year

What could you do Spend the money on Christmas and not have credit cards bills in January February and March still trying to pay for Christmas

Would you make a mortgage payment or a down payment on a car or maybe go on vacation or donate to charity


Lets look at your local church

Several years ago when my wife and I lived on the other coast we attended a church that at the time was raising money for the ministry to go onto the internet live video streaming ect

Abunantlifetv Bishop Rick Thomas in Margate Florida

We started saving the change and in a few months we were able to give $480 in change towards the need the church had at the time and today we still watch the services online some 15 plus years later a see we had planted years ago is still bringing a harvest into our lives today

What is it that the Lord has told your pastor about changing their world

Imagine if you will every member of your church bringing change every service every week for a year to meet a need

Maybe itís a building fund or the mission field supporting a missionary in a foreign country or feeding the homeless in your area

So get with your pastor Pray God help us Change our world

Then obey what God ask you to do


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