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The Shaolin Kempo Karate 108 Combinations are the foundation of the system.

Here is some old video footage 1980s of Great Grand Master Fred Villari teaching a combination

A few notes on combinations followed by a walk through of the first 60 by Kempoman

Application combos

Combo 1 think two hand lapel grab

Combo 2 think going to outside

Combo 3 three directional principle

Combo 4 stepping forward changes dynamics can graft into 18

Combo 5 cross wrist grab

Combo 6 the distance can be our friend

Combo 7 offensive in nature

Combo 8 offensive in nature

Combo 9 offensive in nature

Combo 10 take down is a knock out

Combo 11 close centerline and knock out before take down
Points in legs and ankles in the take down

Combo 12 master principle using the dragon

Combo 13 master principle based off of 3 combo boxing stand up technique

Combo 14 excellent against baseball bat

Combo 15 classic Chinese walk around

Combo 16 defense against single hand push

Combo 17 Dragon trap and first strike is a knock out

Combo 18 take down or stand up dragon aids in takedown excellent time practice defense against combos

1 to 20

21 to 40

41 to 60

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