DNA 2018 Word of the Lord
15h ago
note from abundant life new years eve service
DNA 2018
Word of the Lord
I think you are ready for 2018. Father we are here with purpose in mind. As we join together it is symbolic of unity. Father we prepare ourselves to hear the message it will move us from unity to synergy. And therefore, thy kingdom shall manifest its power and glory in every heart and in every life, that yields their selves to you. Father we thank you that this year will be a defining moment in each of our lives. I ask Holy Spirit you will flood our house with your presence, with your power that when we leave the reading of this message we will have the same understanding, the same revelatory insight, Father God this will be the year that you proclaim in each of our lives upon in each of our families and we thank you for this and declare it in the name of Jesus name above all names.
In 2017 God said we were to speak into the voids into our lives. We were to speak to the things the enemy had buried in the past. Look to chapter 37 book of Ezekiel chapter 37:1-10. Now go back to chapter 36 God says because you have not been living the way I have called, you to live and you have not been the example I have called you to be, you have become a people that the enemy mocks you and laughs at you. You need to understand they are not mocking and laughing at you, they are laughing at me because I am Your God. So, He said I am going to take you to a season that when you prophesy remember 2017 was speak life speak to the void. But after you prophesy I will take you into a season they will not mock you anymore. But He said you need to understand the season I take you into it is not about you, but about Me. Itís about my name being lifted up and My name being glorified. And because you have not walked in what I called you to walk in and have not walked in obedience to what I have called you to be obedient to He said I want you to know something I am going to bless you not because of your obedience and your faithfulness I am going to bless you because of who I am, and I am tired of people laughing at Me. And I am going to bless you so much that the enemy will begin to recognize that I am your God and you are going to see how I have blessed you. How I have blessed you in spite of yourself and then you will be convicted and then you will repent. And then you will learn to live holy before Me. Totally opposite of what we have been taught in the modern-day church. That lets preach hell fire and brim stone and it gets people right. God says in the book of Ezekiel chapter 36 He says I am going to take you to a place of blessing and in that place of blessing you are going to be so convicted you are going to be repentive. I got news for you, some of you this year are going to have a lot of time repenting. Because God said this year is not a year like any other year. Psalm 115: 14-16. May the Lord God give you increase more and more, you and your children. Psalm 115:14 Itís important you understand that God said I am tired of just increasing you and said for you to leave an inheritance for your childrenís, children, so I am going to have to increase you and increase your children too because some of you have not taken care of your children. Psalm 115:15, may you be blessed of the Lord that made heaven and earth. Psalm 115:16 The heavens are the Lordís heavens but the earth has He given to the children of men. Just stomp your foot and just say that is mine. He said I created the heavens for me, but I created the earth for you. In the book of Genesis when God created man kind we know that when God created him he created him from the dust of the ground. And the dust of the ground we understand now that according to some scientists all the DNA comes out of the ground. That every living thing and every living creature that every living being gets their DNA that comes from the dirt because everything comes out of the dirt. And God said I brought you out of the dirt because you are going to learn to walk in authority over the dirt you came from. And when I breathed into you when I breathed into mankind and man became a living soul I breathed my DNA into him. So, know you have the DNA of my kingdom and my DNA of the earth. And because of that you can rule and reign the way I ordained you to rule and reign. But because sin was a loud into your life it separated you from the operation of My DNA in your life and you had to make it on your own. And because you have had to make it on your own you have learned not to be dependent on Me. But you have learned to be dependent upon the things you can touch and see and feel and taste and hear. But this year I am going to take you to a place where you are going to be able to operate in that in which is not seen and that which is not felt cannot be tasted that which cannot be heard by the natural ear, but it is going to be a supernatural move of My spirit upon you and out of your belly will begin to flow the rivers of living water like you have never experienced in the years past. This year I am going to bring it out of you. It is not going to come from heaven but it is going to come out of you. Because you have the DNA of the earth and the earth is yours and everything in it is yours. Therefore all of the wealth in the earth is yours. All the cattle and all of the gold and all the silver is Mine, but I have given it unto man. It is time for you to step up and get ready for the transfer of wealth into the kingdom of God.
I will not give you any new ideas, concepts and strategies it is because you have not used the ones I have given you. But this year we will resurrect what I gave you. You never used it but now you are going to see it again. You are going to go back to some fields that you walked away from. You are going to reap a harvest that you have left in the field because this year you have walked into something that is going to resurrect what has been put in it by the seed not because of you but because of the DNA of my kingdom in you. Because now your DNA and My DNA combined is going to bring forth the wealth of the wicked into your hands.
2 Corinthians 2:14 But thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph as trophies of Christís victory and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere. You see our witness has not been heard because our life has not lived up to our witness the world looks at what we are doing more then what we are saying, because what we are saying is not being lived up by our life styles. But this year we are going to reverse it, but it is not going to be what you say but what you do. I am going to create favor in you like no one has ever seen before. This is going to be a supernatural year of favor beyond measure. In 2017 I gave you instruction to speak to your dry bones of the past. You were to call back into your life the dreams, the visions, the hopes that you have lost. It was a year for you to put back into place the things that satan had hindered or stolen or stopped. It was a year to restore everything that I had promise for you. Your purpose and destiny. 2017 was time to examine your life your dreams and your purpose. You were to answer the question where have you placed your faith, where is your joy, where is your freedom, where is your healing, where is your prosperity. Where did you bury it and where did you resurrect it? I gave to you the authority to speak over your life and your family and your community. 2017 was in your hands. It Should have been in your heart, but it certainly was in your mouth. You were to clean out the wells that the enemy had filled and remove the dirt and the rocks and the debris that stopped the flow of the Holy Spirit in your life. You cannot enter into 2018 with division or unforgiveness or with strife or jealously. There can be no compromise or tolerance for anything or anyone that will separate you from My presence and your purpose. You are to pursue purity to pursue holiness in your life in your heart and in your mind and body and relationships. My promises are not based upon reciprocity, they are not based upon your idea of what is fair. They are based upon My word and what is just. My character is holy My nature is creative, and My love is complete. When you made a decision to receive My son Jesus all My attributes became a part of your DNA. You now possess My character, My nature and My love. You have access to the supernatural power of My kingdom to be holy, be creative and to walk in love. Holy because you are going to live righteous, you are going to create because you have all the authority in heaven and earth to do so. You are going to walk in love because you have learned to love unconditionally. But because of the distractions of this world your purpose and design for success has been hindered. The enemy has used the cares of this world to alter your ability to reach your world with life.
Distractions, the enemy knows how to distract. Thatís the way the enemy works, he wants to distract you with the cares of this world and the problems of others to become your problems. And he wants you to make what happens in your life that which happens in other peopleís lives, but in reality you are supposed to be committed to purpose and not let the enemy distract you.
2018 you must return to My word. You must develop your prayer life, you must learn to be salt and light all over again. Because I have called you to be a witness which you have failed in DNA 18 WILL be a year of supernatural favor a year for reaching the world with life. I will bless you for My sake says the Lord. You will learn that My yoke is easy that you donít have to rebuke the devil you just have to walk in faith. I will take care of the devil for you. My yoke will be easy, I will bless you with favor beyond measure if you will walk obedient before Me and it will become easy for you even your enemy will be made at peace with you. My favor upon you will demonstrate who your God is, my favor in 2018 is not about you.
The reason I give you favor is, so My name will be lifted up and exalted. This year I will start supernatural transfer of wealth of the wicked into the hands of the righteous. I will open gates for success and prosperity to put the church in position for the end time harvest. DNA 2018 will be a year to advance yourself. It will be a year for you to possess what you have never possed before. It will be a year to accelerate and to move with high intensity. This year as we move, we move in a move where we are to have a year of souls with our family with our friends our associates with our neighbors and even with the strangers. The year of increase is upon you, but know this to whom much is given much is going to be required of you. It is a time that you dig a new well. It is a time to release your own blessing and stop asking Me for blessing. I have already blessed you with all blessings. When you received My son Jesus you became a child of God and you became an heir according to the promise of Abraham. That I promised Abraham that I would bless him to be a blessing to bless others, so stop asking me to bless you and start blessing others.
When you bless others, My blessings will be activated in your life and My favor will make a way for you. Itís time to reach your world with life. Its time for me to reach my world with life. We come into the church, we want people to get saved but we donít invite anybody to hear the message, the gospel the good news of Jesus Christ. That God is a good God, God loves you and God wants to bless you. And we invite no one from our world to church to tell them that the King of Kings loves them, but now we are going to have to invade our world we are the salt and we are the light. It is not by what we are saying that will change their lives, but by the impact at what you are doing.
This year the world will see My favor upon your life and will marvel at how you have moved into a lifestyle of success. Some of you have not walked in success. Some of you have had moments of success. But have not had a lifestyle of success. But this year I will cause what you are committed to it will be successful. What you are willing to walk in faithfully before Me with what you are willing to commit your time, your talents, your energy, and your finances. I will tell you it will be successful. It will be successful not because of you but because of who I Am. And because you are mine I want My name to be known to be made to the world and the only way they will do it is when they see your success. I will cause you to walk successful in every area of your life. weather itís in the medical field, education, financial field, business field, whatever. Whatever field you walk in you will find success if you will get committed to it. Stop looking to the left stop looking to the right, stop looking to your boss, stop looking to your company, start looking to Me and I will make a crooked path straight like you have never seen before. You have to learn to celebrate who I am and you have to learn to celebrate what I have called you to do. Your dreams will live again! Your faith will be renewed! Your joy will return! Your freedom will be activated! Some of you have been held captive for a long time with all kinds of addictions and all kinds of personal things of anger and unforgiveness and bitterness. And you are going to be free, it is going to be activated in your life and you are going to walk free from this thing but some of you have been in bondage for years, but you are going to walk free this year. Your freedom will be manifested, and your prosperity will be activated. The DNA of My kingdom will empower you to demonstrate who I am. The world will recognize who I am and through My favor upon your life. And they will know who you are by the success My favor has brought to you. And the questions I have to ask, who are you, you must learn to identify yourself. What is your message? What is your vision, what is your mission? How do you identify yourself, what do people see and what do they say about you? What do people feel and what do people hear when they are in your presence. What is there experience like when they interact with you. And what will their effect be.
So, you see it doesnít matter what we think about ourselves it is what the world thinks about us. And when we learn to die to self we activate the DNA of the kingdom of God. And all of the sudden our message becomes relevant. Because we have identified ourselves to the world as a people of God we branded ourselves as a people of purpose we have positioned ourselves as a people who love. Our house/church becomes a place of hope, a place of healing, a place of freedom. Our message has never changed. Our God is a good God, God loves you and God wants to bless you. Our vision is to change our community our mission is to reach our world with life, it will be a season of acceleration. A time to believe Godís word as never before to advance His kingdom and to launch out into areas that you have never been and make a commitment and live by your commitment. Itís a time to love to honor and to serve and to give. This year My DNA will favor your DNA you will be My voice, you will be My witness. I will be your God and the world in which you live in will know My name.
The Lord would have you to search yourself. The first thing you need to do is make sure your well is cleaned out. You cannot enter into this year of favor. You cannot enter into this year of resurrected power. You cannot enter into this year of witness. You cannot enter into this year of supernatural prosperity if your well is not cleaned out. The scriptures says out of the belly shall flow the rivers of living water. Out of the inside of you, you got to look on the inside and make sure it is clean. There is no compromise to my word, there is no compromise to your purpose. And you cannot allow anything in your life that will separate you from My presence and your purpose. So, at this moment search yourself, do not let this year pass because if you do you will enter the new year and you will see others, but you will not have. You will say My word is not true, but it is not that My word is not true, but you are not true. So, search yourself, get the debris out of your well. That the water of life can flow again.
They have discovered, that at the center of the earth with the hydrogen and the rocks that there is a movement so much pressure there that as it moves it creating its own water. According to studies in Canada, Japan and the U.K. That the pressure is so great that if the water does not flow it creates the earthquakes that we have underneath the earth they are always hearing about these earthquakes that are under the earth it is because the water canít get out. Itís kind of like our life isnít it. Because if we donít have ourselves clean then we have all kinds of earthquakes going on the inside of us. Because the water cannot flow, so you challenge yourself you search yourself do not enter into the new year with any sin holding on with any anger or unforgiveness, or any jealously or any strife. Get rid of it now so that as you enter into the new year My favor can come upon you. My DNA mixed with your DNA will cause the wealth of the world to come into your hands because we are about to enter into a season that I am preparing the church to finance the end time harvest. Money has never been an obstacle in My kingdom, it is the people who alter the flow of money in My kingdom. But this year in spite of the people I am going to start blessing as never before. But I will give you favor upon and what I will bless beyond measure in your life is what you have committed to Me and if you have not committed it to me to be a witness to the world, then you cannot walk in my favor and you cannot walk in my blessing. If what you do is committed to me then you will have my favor you will have my blessing and the world will know my name.
Tell the people that they never have enough. God said, when I bless them some of them will get satisfied with what I blessed them with and they are going to stop. He says we need to understand My blessing is not predicated upon your satisfaction. God says what happens is they are not to stop they are to continue working in purpose continue staying to their commitment continue to be producing. I told man kind to be fruitful and multiply and replenish. I didnít say gather your barns and stop. And to many have stopped doing what their purpose and destiny in what I have blessed them with and favored them with and consequently they do not have my blessing and do not have My favor. Many are sick, and many are dying, many are falling by the waste side because they have not done continually what I have called them to do. When I called you to purpose I did not give you a retirement receipt.
Itís not about you, itís about Him. ITís about Him!
When I stop looking for blessing upon my life and start looking at how I can be a blessing to others it will activate my blessing to walk in the prosperity of the kingdom. How will they know? We are going to have to touch them, we will have to love them, we will have to care for them, we are going to have to put our time, our talent and our energy and our finances in place. For the only way I have given you to walk in the success of My kingdom is to understand the principal of sowing and reaping. I so loved you I gave you My son, and it opened up the world to the kingdom. Now you have to love Me so now you can open up My world of the kingdom to the lost and dying. This year you will see seeds you have sown in the past begin to sprout in the fields, go back and reap again. Many of you have left your harvest in the field because your wells have been full. You have had no water the seed is there, but it cannot grow because it was not watered. But this year you have opened up the well of living water and as it begins to flow in My favor it will begin to flow as Isaac went to the place where the wells have been filled and cleaned them out. Even though it was a drought because he had my blessing I commanded the water to come from the inner most part of the earth to water the seed. And so, I will do to your seeds of the past I will command the water to come from the north, south, east and the west. Then water that which you have sown that you might walk in that favor that I have ordained upon your life. The world is waiting for you to show them the way its not about you its not about us its about the world. DNA 2018 and thatís the word of the Lord!
Bishop Rick Thomas
we took notes from the service and this is What the Lord is saying for 2018

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