I Still Have A Dream

I Still Have A dream

What do you do when your family calls you crazy?
What do you do when your friends say your nothing but a dreamer?
Who are you to say one day I will be a success in life
I will Run through Valleys Stand on Mountain Tops
I will fulfill my purpose and Destiny that God has designed
I will See My LIFES Dream Full filled

Joseph was a dreamer HE HAD A DREAM
Then shared it with His Family
They thought He Was Crazy
Joseph had another Dream
And again shared it and they thought he was crazy and they hated him even more and now to the point of envy

They Hated that he had a dream they hated that he spoke the dream
They were envious isnít that like most we all want to succeed in life but those with envy in their Heart never want others to succeed greater than they are presently succeeding

Their envy was so great they decided to kill him
And in the process they captured him and threw him in a pit

Have you ever found yourself in the pit after sharing your dream
I thought after sharing my dream with Family and friends they would rejoice with me How wonderful your following Gods plan for your life

As we read along in the story of Joseph found in Genesis Chapter 37
His brother said lets not kill him but sell him into slavery

Have you ever felt like you were sold into the slavery of working 40 hours for forty years as over and over people tried to convince you not to take a step of faith and be a successful Entrepreneur or go into the mission field or do anything which line up with Gods purpose and plan for your life

How many people sit at their desk every day dreaming they were somewhere else doing something else living their DREAM

Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver and taken to Egypt

If your dreams arenít crushed by now consider reading on in the story now in chapter 39 where Joseph is lied about and sent to prison

By Now most would have given up on their Dream NOT JOSEPH
Can you imagine as the cell door clanged shut Joseph saying to himself I Still Have A dream

In Chapter 40 we read while in prison Joseph interprets TWO prisonersí dreams the cupbearer and the baker
Joseph ask Why are your faces downcast today
Now Joseph was in prison yet he took time to help others who were in need while most might just make a comment based on misery loves company Ill Tell you my problems if you tell me yours and we can both give up on our dreams
NO Joseph at a low time in his life reached lower to help someoneís

AT A Low Time In Your Life you can reach lower to help someoneís

When we read about the cupbearer and his Dream and Josephs interpretation
The Cupbearer was restored to a place of honor but forgot to mention Joseph
Have you ever helped someone out of a ditch in life and asked them to remember you and when the time came they that you needed their help they forgot about you

Pharaoh has a Dream and only Joseph can interpret the dream
And after interpreting the dream Pharaoh places Joseph as His second in command over all the land

After 7 years of great harvest the 7 years of famine in the land begin and this is where we see Josephs brothers come back into his life just as the dream revealed so many years ago

Joseph Was a Dreamer He Had Revelations of the future

When we read about Joseph weeping uncontrollably
As he saw his brothers for the first time in many years
We realize He Was crying because He Was Now seeing His Dream Manifested before his eyes

I believe if we can just stay true to the Vision God has Given us we too can see our dreams Manifested before our eyes

So no matter where you find yourself in this story
If you can say I still have a dream
I Still Believe What God has said
In Spite of the circumstances of life

If you have let the dream die
Speak life into the dry bones say come alive come alive
Ask God to breathe life into your Dream again

God Has A purpose and a plan for my life
Iím going to trust HIM
Never Ever Give up say to yourself


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