Kempoman 365

Kempoman 365

What will it take to get a black belt in one year?

The question I am sure every Martial artist has heard Well itís finally here (LOL) ok my version anyways We have set before you an example of 365 lessons if practiced faithfully could theoretically get a person to Black belt in one year. Take look at how each movement was written and ask yourself what you would do different if you were to design a One Year Black Belt program?
The Movements are written down in lessons from each Blocking system Combination or form we look for the new material presented and apply as the next lesson. When you look close you will see not all of the Form or Combination is written out only the new material or Lesson. Take a look at Blue w/ stripe lesson on combination #9 there is no lesson all the material for that technique was previously taught. We still teach the technique its not being omitted just showing that material has been discussed before in previous lessons.

****for the skeptics remeber 365 lessons***

If you were an average student taking 2 classes per week with 52 weeks in a year were talking 182 and 1/2 weeks 3 and a half years

White belt

Monk Block

Lesson 1 Attention
Lesson 2 Training Horse
Lesson 3 Prayer Hands Up
Lesson 4 Prayer hands down
Lesson 5 Prayer hands Side to Side

Eight Point Blocking System

Lesson 6 R Outward hand Crosses center then circles out palm facing in
Lesson 7 L Outward hand Crosses center then circles out palm facing in
Lesson 8 R Inward hand raised to R ear palm facing out forearm crosses center palm facing in
Lesson 9 L Inward hand raised to L ear palm facing out forearm crosses center palm facing in
Lesson 10 R Upward hand crosses center forearm rises up palm facing out
Lesson 11 R upward hand crosses center forearm rises up palm facing out
Lesson 12 R Downward hand raised to L ear palm in R hand drops crossing center clearing the body palm in
Lesson 13 L Downward hand raised to R ear palm in L hand drops crossing center clearing the body palm in

Combination #6
Lesson 14 R extended outward block
Lesson 15 Front ball kick
Lesson 16 Cross and cover
Lesson 17 On Guard

Combination #7
Lesson 18 Side blade kick

Pinion One

Lesson 19 Front position
Lesson 20 double punch
Lesson 21 L Cat Stance hands in chamber
Lesson 22 L Half-moon Stance
Lesson 23 R Half moon forward
Lesson 24 R front two knuckle punch
Lesson 25 Pine tree stance
Lesson 26 L hand chamber
Lesson 27 R hand high chamber
Lesson 28 180 turn
Lesson 29 R half moon stance
Lesson 30 L half moon forward
Lesson 31 L front two knuckle punch
Lesson 32 270 L turn

Yellow belt

Combination # 3
Lesson 33 L inward parry
Lesson 34 Right thrust punch
Lesson 35 L hand grab
Lesson 36 L hand pull
Lesson 37 R back two knuckle punch to temple
Lesson 38 R snakes around and grabs L shoulder
Lesson 39 L pressing palm to (R) shoulder
Lesson 40 Pivot to the rear push pull pivot three angle direction principle
Lesson 41 L thrust punch to face

Eight Point Blocking System w/ Strikes

Lesson 42 R inward hammer fist
Lesson 43 R outward raking Tiger Claw
Lesson 44 L inward hammer fist
Lesson 45 L outward raking Tiger Claw
Lesson 46 R upward Chicken Wrist
Lesson 47 L upward Chicken wrist

Orange Belt

Combination #2
Lesson 48 L foot slides behind to R T stance
Lesson 49 R foot steps up R side horse stance
Lesson 50 Shuffle forward
Lesson 51 step out with a right outward elbow strike to the sternum
Lesson 52 R open hand scooping sweep to the heel of the L leg
Lesson 53 L hand checks
Lesson 54 R knife hand to groin

Combination #5
Lesson 55 L driving knife hand
Lesson 56 R chicken wrist

Purple belt

Combination #4
Lesson 57 R half moon back
Lesson 58 R clockwise scooping throw
Lesson 59 R roundhouse kick
Lesson 60 R front twist stance
Lesson 61 R gauging step and jump
Lesson 62 Double Immortal Man strikes to eyes
Lesson 63 R trigger finger
Lesson 64 L trigger finger
Lesson 65 R inside scoop kick
Lesson 66 R stomp kick

Combination #18
Lesson 67 L monkey scoop
Lesson 68 L lunge forward
Lesson 69 L backhand
Lesson 70 L hand crane hook
Lesson 71 L hand pulling crane hook
Lesson 72 L Dragon Tail
Lesson 73 R downward elbow
Lesson 74 R outward hammer fist

Blue belt

Kempo Stretch

Lesson 75 Sun Rises
Lesson 76 Sun Sets
Lesson 77 Crane spreads his wings right
Lesson 78 Crane spreads his wings left
Lesson 79 Crane Stretches for Water
Lesson 80 Tiger Reaches for Sky Right
Lesson 81 Tiger Reaches for Sky Left
Lesson 82 Leopard Loosens His joints Right
Lesson 83 Leopard loosens his joints Left
Lesson 84 Monkey Steps forward Right
Lesson 85 Monkey Steps back Right
Lesson 86 Monkey Steps forward left
Lesson 87 Monkey Steps back Left
Lesson 88 Snake Lays in the grass Right
Lesson 89 Snake Lays in the grass Left
Lesson 90 Butterfly stretches his wings
Lesson 91 Grass Hopper Squats

Pinion Two

Lesson 92 R wide kneel
Lesson 93 L wide kneel
Lesson 94 R Corkscrew punch
Lesson 95 L Corkscrew punch

Blue belt green stripe

Combination #8
Lesson 96 L extended outward block

Combination #9
no new lesson

Combination #12
Lesson 97 R spinning back kick

Lesson 98 Right foot out and elbows
Lesson 99 High x block
Lesson 100 Cup and Saucer right side
Lesson 101 L foot out to horse
Lesson 102 Downward x block
Lesson 103 Two hand x block trap and grab
Lesson 104 Single leg throw
Lesson 105 R upward knife
Lesson 106 L centerline check
Lesson 107 Dual driving knife hands
Lesson 108 Open hand cup and saucers right side
Lesson 109 R Spear hand poke
Lesson 110 R downward Palm block
Lesson 111 L Palm heel
Lesson 112 Cup and Saucer L side
Lesson 113 Simultaneous R side kick R outward back fist land in horse stance
Lesson 114 Simultaneous L side kick L outward back fist land in horse stance

Kata Two

Lesson 115 L downward palm block
Lesson 116 L half moon back
Lesson 117 R Cat w/ Clockwise Circling Tiger Claws to on guard
Lesson 118 L outward ridge block
Lesson 119 L spear hand poke
Lesson 120 R inward knife hand
Lesson 121 Dual L outward R front punch
Lesson 122 Dual R outward L front punch
Lesson 123 Dual R back kick R side land horse stance
Lesson 124 Draw back into L T Stance w/ Tiger claws
Lesson 125 R downward front punch

Green belt

Lesson 126 R and L Downward knife hand blocks
Lesson 127 R and L outward Ridge hand blocks eye level
Lesson 128 L back hand presses R palm eye level
Lesson 129 Rotate Palms out R and L outward knife hands eye level
Lesson 130 Rotate Palms in Knife hand trap
Lesson 131 R hand inside L Double downward pressing palms
Lesson 132 R side cup and saucers palm to palm
Lesson 133 L side pressing Tiger Claws L low R high
Lesson 134 L side cup and saucers palm to palm
Lesson 135 R side pressing Tiger Claws R low L high
Lesson 136 Downward open hands X block palms face in
Lesson 137 Double horizontal spear hand poke
Lesson 138 Draw hands back two Snake heads
Lesson 139 L bridge R outward ridge hand
Lesson 140 R scooping palm down L scooping palm up
Lesson 141 R bridge L outward ridge hand
Lesson 142 L scooping palm down R scooping palm up

Combination #14
Lesson 143 Scissor kick w/ right front ball kick

Combination #15

Lesson 144 L foot steps around into L forward bow
Lesson 145 L inward ridge hand
Lesson 146 L dropping forearm
Lesson 147 Dual push and pull downward R tiger rakes
Lesson 148 Right dropping elbow
Lesson 149 Right downward hammer fist
Lesson 150 Double dropping forearms

Combination #16
Lesson 151 Trapping block L vertical palm R vertical palm
Lesson 152 Rolling arm bar
Lesson 153 L crescent kick
Lesson 154 Concaved stance
Lesson 155 Heel Toe spin
Lesson 156 R transitional step into L half moon
Lesson 157 R thrust punch

Pinion Three

Lesson 158 Salutation
Lesson 159 Duel action block R inward L outward block
Lesson 160 Two blocks R out L down
Lesson 161 Two blocks L out R down
Lesson 162 Dual action block L inward R outward block
Lesson 163 Two blocks L out R down
Lesson 164 Two blocks R out L down
Lesson 165 L side horse
Lesson 166 Simultaneous L outward block R thrust punch
Lesson 167 L bridge w/ R spear hand poke
Lesson 168 L spinning back fist
Lesson 169 R side horse w/ R thrust punch
Lesson 170 Step up to pine tree hands behind you forming cranes beaks
Lesson 171 R crane wing block
Lesson 172 Transitional side horse semi cat R half moon
Lesson 173 Simultaneous R back to knuckle face L tiger palm groin
Lesson 174 L crane wing block
Lesson 175 Transitional side horse semi cat L half moon
Lesson 176 Simultaneous L back two knuckle face R tiger palm to groin
Lesson 177 R inward elbow
Lesson 178 L inward elbow
Lesson 179 L front crossover twist stance

Statue of the Crane

Lesson 180 L foot Steps up to Pine Tree L hand over R
Lesson 181 R foot steps back pine tree R over L
Lesson 182 L foot steps forward R rising knee
Lesson 183 R foot steps back jump
Lesson 184 Crane stance
Lesson 185 Simultaneous R upward knife block L spear hand
Lesson 186 Jump spin 135 degrees
Lesson 187 L open hand grab
Lesson 188 R crescent kick
Lesson 189 L closed kneel
Lesson 190 R half moon stance U punch L hand high
Lesson 191 L foot steps out to half moon stance U punch R hand high
Lesson 192 Crane Throw

Green belt brown stripe

Combination #10
Lesson 193 R forward bow
Lesson 194 L open hand outward block
Lesson 195 L crane wing wrap
Lesson 196 R inward forearm
Lesson 197 L foot pivot to the rear

Combination #11
Lesson 198 L upward tiger rake
Lesson 199 L knife hand scoop
Lesson 200 R outward forearm strike
Lesson 201 L open tigerís mouth
Lesson 202 R dropping knee
Lesson 203 Lift w/ legs
Lesson 204 L foot steps over the body
Lesson 205 R side twist and pull
Lesson 206 R foot steps over the body
Lesson 207 R front scoop kick
Lesson 208 L baby hook kick

Combination #17

Lesson 209 L dragon trap
Lesson 210 L hand crane wing wrap
Lesson 211 R hand bear paw
Lesson 212 R leopard paw
Lesson 213 L leopard paw

Combination #19
Lesson 214 Left inward palm
Lesson 215 L pressing palm
Lesson 216 L push R pull summersault flip

Pinion Four
Lesson 217 L cat iron wall
Lesson 218 R cat iron wall
Lesson 219 R inward elbow smash
Lesson 220 L inward elbow smash
Lesson 221 L bow and arrow stance L upward rolling knife R ridge hand
Lesson 222 Two hand grab pull
Lesson 223 R smashing knee/R instep kick
Lesson 224 L cat Counter Clockwise circling tiger claws into on guard

Pinion Five
Lesson 225 L scrapping block
Lesson 226 R scrapping block
Lesson 227 X block and trap pulling down R side
Lesson 228 L rising back fist or Sun Fist
Lesson 229 Simultaneous Twist stance w/block and punch
Lesson 230 L front twist w/ L Iron Wall
Lesson 231 R front twist stance w/ downward x block
Lesson 232 R forward Bow w/ R outward block L thrust punch
Lesson 234 L forward Bow R palm claw grab L scrapping block

Brown belt

Lesson 235 R willow palm
Lesson 236 R Outward Chicken wrist
Lesson 237 R open tigerís mouth
Lesson 238 R leg hock sweep

Combination #13
Lesson 239 L hook punch
Lesson 240 L downward hammer
Lesson 241 Belt loops over head w/ choke
Lesson 242 Back to back hip toss

Combination #20
Lesson 243 L half moon forward L outward knife block
Lesson 244 R driving knife
Lesson 245 R inside forearm

Lesson 246 L upward rolling knife
Lesson 247 R inverted leopardís paw
Lesson 248 L wrist grab
Lesson 249 R step through counter clockwise tornado
Lesson 250 R downward hammer fist
Lesson 251 L scooping crescent kick
Lesson 252 R spinning hook kick

Combination #26
Lesson 253 L outward elbow
Lesson 254 R inverted tiger palm claw

Lesson 255 Vertical spear hands L hand forward
Lesson 256 Simultaneous R Ridge L Ridge R Spear L spear L front kick into L half moon
Lesson 257 360 spin on L foot Jump Scissor kick to L half moon w L downward block
Lesson 258 Draw into L Cat w/ L downward block
Lesson 259 Draw into L Cat w/ push and pull Tiger Claws
Lesson 260 Draw into L Cat w/ push and pull Immortal Man Strikes
Lesson 261 Simultaneous R front kick back kick Side kick land horse stance

Lesson 262 L Outward Tiger claw
Lesson 263 R upper cut
Lesson 264 R outward Tiger Claw
Lesson 265 L upper cut
Lesson 266 L half moon forward R upward knife L spear


Lesson 267 Simultaneous R inward knife R outward knife
Lesson 268 Simultaneous L inward knife L outward knife
Lesson 269 Simultaneous R outward ridge R spear hand poke
Lesson 270 Simultaneous L outward ridge L spear hand poke
Lesson 271 L half moon back to side horse
Lesson 272 Double Spear hand R high
Lesson 273 L leaning horse w/ R downward block
Lesson 274 R side blade kick
Lesson 275 L crane stance w/ Tiger Claws
Lesson 276 L side clam shell trap
Lesson 277 R rising heel


Lesson 278 Simultaneous R and L outward wind mills
Lesson 279 Draw in opposing Mantis hands R high L low
Lesson 280 Opposing spear hand pokes R high L low
Lesson 281 R reverse crescent
Lesson 282 R reverse bow
Lesson 283 L hand pulls bow
Lesson 284 Simultaneous L downward pressing Palm R downward chicken wrist
Lesson 285 R inverted Crane beak
Lesson 286 R Iron fortress block L inward palm R outward block R inward block L outward back hand R outward raking tiger claw L inward knife hand
Lesson 287 L front ball kick w/simultaneous L R L downward Tiger Rakes
Lesson 288 L Iron fortress block R inward palm L outward block L inward block R outward back hand L outward raking tiger claw R inward knife hand
Lesson 289 L spinning back kick
Lesson 290 R front ball kick w/simultaneous R L R downward Tiger Rakes


The Plum Tree Blocking System

Lesson 291 L twist stance w/ peace over war inverted
Lesson 292 Flowing R upward Knife hand R Downward Palm R Outward ridge R pressing Palm R dragon Hand
Lesson 293 Flowing L upward knife hand L Downward Palm L outward ridge L pressing palm L dragon hand
Lesson 294 Flowing R inward palm block
Lesson 295 Flowing L inward palm block
Lesson 296 Flowing R open Tiger mouth
Lesson 297 Flowing L open Tiger mouth
Lesson 298 Flowing R inverted open Tiger mouth
Lesson 299 Flowing L inverted Tiger mouth
Lesson 300 R rolling knife hand
Lesson 301 L rolling knife hand
Lesson 302 R rolling ridge hand
Lesson 303 L rolling Ridge hand
Lesson 304 R rolling ridge hand and hold
Lesson 305 L rolling ridge hand and hold
Lesson 306 Dual Monkey scoops hips roll back
Lesson 307 R pressing Palm
Lesson 308 L pressing Palm
Lesson 309 L rising ridge
Lesson 310 Classic Arm bar to left side
Lesson 311 R rising ridge
Lesson 312 Classic arm bar to right side
Lesson 313 R outreaching hand
Lesson 314 L outreaching hand

Combination #22

Lesson 315 L dropping Crane wing
Lesson 316 L front foot sweep
Lesson 317 Clockwise spin
Lesson 318 R heel stomp

Combination #23
Lesson 319 R side Clam shell block
Lesson 320 Simultaneous L horizontal tiger claw high R horizontal tiger claw low
Lesson 321 R folding Cranes wing
Lesson 322 L upholding hand

Combination #24

Lesson 323 Open hand downward x block
Lesson 324 Outward knife hand scissors strike
Lesson 325 Dual outward tiger claw rakes
Lesson 326 dual L and R poison thumbs to eyes

Combination #25
Lesson 327 L willow palm
Lesson 328 L Crane dips his knee

Lesson 329 L rolling knife R rising knee Trap
Lesson 330 L dropping crane wing
Lesson 331 R crane hook
Lesson 332 L dead arm drop

Combination #28
Lesson 333 R side dragon trap
Lesson 334 R rising broken crane wing
Lesson 335 R hook kick
Lesson 336 L rising heel

Combination #29
Lesson 337 L dropping elbow
Lesson 338 L dropping knee
Lesson 339 Simultaneous L inward R inward dropping palms
Lesson 340 Simultaneous L outward R outward dropping palms
Lesson 341 L running palm
Lesson 342 Eagle Claw strike

Combination #30
Lesson 343 Slap out
Lesson 344 R front heel kick
Lesson 345 R heel hook
Lesson 346 L instep roundhouse kick


Lesson 347 Opposing Downward blocks
Lesson 348 Opposing Hammer fist R to 3 oíclock L 9 oíclock
Lesson 349 R flying front ball kick
Lesson 350 Jump w/ pivot to rear
Lesson 351 Falling Leaf Block
Lesson 352 Falling leaf trap and pull to R
Lesson 353 R scooping front kick
Lesson 354 L CCW spinning baby hook
Lesson 355 Iron Wall hands open
Lesson 356 Simultaneous L front twist w/ high X block
Lesson 357 Simultaneous L outward hammer / R thrust punch

Twelve Hands of the Tiger

Lesson 358 Tiger claws circle and strike to the right
Lesson 359 Tiger claws circle and strike to the left
Lesson 360 L upward Tiger palm
Lesson 361 R upward Tiger palm
Lesson 362 R inverted tiger claw to groin grab and back fist
Lesson 363 L inverted Tiger claw to groin grab and back fist
Lesson 364 Duel Triple Raking Claws right side third rake reaches out
Lesson 365 Duel Triple Raking Claws left side third rake reaches out

This completes Kempoman 365 journey How to get you black belt in one year
Good luck on mapping out your black belt journey

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