Martial arts and the entrepreneurial mindset

Martial arts and the entrepreneurial mindset

Growing up in the church we learn to follow Jesus
We Go to church read the bible we pray Give to the poor and needy serve God by helping others If Our Pastor is teaching the Word of God and are Parents are living it in front of us we have real life examples and not just Bible stories for a guideline
Many of us find others outside the family a football or baseball coach or as in my case Martial Arts Instructors
In The Martial arts we also find order and structure as we follow traditions but the Entrepreneurial Mind is always challenging us to think outside the box
As a Martial arts Master I have had the privilege of being trained by many Martial arts Masters in a variety of styles you can read about that on my website but lets stick to the Entrepreneurial mindset for now
We find many students join a karate School looking for something and if they find that something at the school they stay
All schools have order and structure and belt ranks to let you know where you are in the process while every system is different I will tell you the order of rank in the systems I train in
All students start out as a white belt then the ranks are as follows
Yellow Orange Purple Blue then Blue with Green Stripe Green then Green with Brown stripe Brown then Brown with 2 Stripes and then Brown with 3 stripes then the coveted BLACK BELT

In My Early years of training as a teenager many of the conversations revolved around our future While some friends talked of College after Graduation I had a Mindset of Operating a Martial arts School being a Martial arts Entrepreneur
Some of my friends talked about after there 4 years of college they would get a job making $50,000 a Year
This was of course the 1980s I Graduated High school in 1985
My Mind was still focused on being a Martial arts Entrepreneur
I knew from talking with my instructor who own a Fred Villari Studios of self Defense a Franchised Martial arts school that there were certain monthly Goals for operating the School.
Lets Take a look at the Math
Ages 5 to 17 $48 per month
Adults $60 per month
And Private lesson student $80 per month
So the Goal was get 100 students on the Private lesson program
100 students $80 per month for 12 months = $96,000
Then there were Sundries selling Gis or uniforms as the public may know them better School T Shirts Patches Martial Arts shoes
A Gi cost $40 back then a School T Shirt $20 Shoes $39.95 = $99.95
Thatís $100 more per year per student
Then there were Test Fees Starting at $30 and the test fees went up for each rank if the average Student took 2 Test per year thatís at least another $60 per student per year
Lets do the Math we are over $100,000 per year income for a Martial Arts Entrepreneur
Now with that in mind I ask myself Why spend 4 more years in higher education and try to land a $50,000 a year job
When I could start making money sooner doing what I love teaching Martial arts
Lets fast forward a bit I graduated High school 1985 and that same year July 12th I tested for my Black Belt
I continued training with My First instructor and also started teaching for a friend in his school one town over I was asked to fill in for an instructor who went on vacation at his school in yet another town then I was asked too take over yet another school that was in transition for the summer and by September 1986 I was ask if I would like to take over and be the Chief instructor at yet another school
So to some it up just one short year and a roller coaster ride of helping others with their dream I was Handed my own school to run
Now yes I was the manager and not the owner but this was my first real start
Think for a minute the owner who lived in another state was developing his martial arts Entrepreneurial Empire helping others get their start just a side note
Tradition Says I would like to Start My own Business in the Martial arts field so how much start up do I need and how much capitol too keep it running and how long before I break even or even better MAKE A PROFIT
However as you read I never spent one Dollar but I Did invest my time and efforts
Let Me Share a story of a Friend who also Had the Martial arts Entrepreneurial Mind set He Approached a Fitness center and ask if they taught Karate at this location when they said no he ask would you like to offer Karate to your cliental and in short they agreed The Martial Arts instructor taught the classes went out and advertise /marketed his services to the community they would give him floor space
The Fitness center provided a space as well as insurance coverage all he had to do was Promote himself and teach the classes
The First agreement was 60/40 The Martial arts instructor taught two classes a day 6 days a week thatís 12 hours of his time per week teaching for 60% of the income brought in for the Karate program

Let Me share another story of a Martial arts Entrepreneur
He Approached the local Parks and recreation He offered Classes twice a week at each location in the county
Monday and Wednesday he Had classes at 4 oclock at one park then 6 oclock at another park all in the south part of the county and on Tuesdays and Thursdays he offered classes at 4 oclock at one park and 6 oclok at another park
Thatís right 8 hours a week teaching Karate

I share these stories as real practical application
In The church we hear a lot about Prosperity gospel Give and receive
And while many Give they feel they donít receive I recently had a conversation with a Family member about this topic I asked them do you Give and they said yes I said to where and to who do you give
Well My Church and to a TV Ministry
I said you give them money she said yes then I asked do they give you money she replied of course not So I asked being funny how can you say your receiving from them
Well I am being fed But what about the prosperity Gospel we hear all the time Give and receive We Give Pastors and churches receive a lot of money and were still looking for a blessing
Maybe We donít know how to receive
Lets look at Scripture
Bring in your tithe and I will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing
Windows My Pastor teaches are for seeing through God Gives you a vision a dream
aS we Faithfully Give of our tithes and offering God speaks to us to Start that business or invent that product and yet we are still working the same job just hope we will be blessed by a tremendous raise from our boss at work
Question how much of a tremendous Raise would you need to do what you know God is telling you to do could it be what your in need of Finically wont come from your Job

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