One Voice in my Prayer Closet

One Voice in my Prayer Closet

Early in the Morning when I arise and pray. Often moments throughout my day so many late nights only He Knows ÖHe Pulls me away from the daily distractions in my mind The Still Small voice calls me to pray.

I raise one hand without doubt and the other without wrath surrender To Gods Will and His Way There is one Voice I hear in my Prayer Closet
In the early Days of my Prayer life it seemed so simple
God I ask you for This and That I prayed for Family and friends and some stuff I wanted sometimes my prayers were answered sometimes not Maybe God Was Busy or just didnít Want me to have that stuff I really Did not know
I used to ask God Why he didnít Give me stuff I wrote him out a list maybe He couldnít Read My Hand writing But of course He Could He is GOD
I also Remember Writing out Santa Clause a list and I never Got everything on that list either
Maybe Pray is not all about Me Could it be that oneís prayer life is reflected in their faith walk
Letís look back at the beginning
God Created Man
God placed Man in the Garden to work it
God Gave instruction on What Man can and cannot do according to Gods plan for man
Man Sinned Man disobeyed God
God Walked in The Garden in the cool of the Day calling out to Adam
Adam Replied we Heard your Voice and Hid ourselves because we were naked
God Said who told you that you were naked Did you eat of the Tree I commanded you not to eat from
And of course Adam blamed Eve and eve blamed the serpent

Ok we see here God is the creator Man is the created
God placed man in the Garden to work so in Gods eyes WORK that four letter word is important and a good thing
God Gave instruction and Man didnít follow all the instruction
So Man sinned by disobeying God and God showed up in the Garden to walk and talk with Adam his Creation God still wanted fellowship with Man even after the Fall

So the one voice in my pray closet is the same voice Adam heard in the Garden
The Voice of God seeking Fellowship with His creation
So Maybe Prayer is all about Fellowship with God

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