Paperboy entrepreneur

Paperboy entrepreneur
I always had an Entrepreneurial mindset even my first job wasnít working for someone else I was a Paperboy worked for myself no punching the clock 9 to 5 although I was on a schedule
It all started with a Dream of having a moped and I knew I needed to work to get it my parents werenít just going to give me one because I wanted it I had to work for it
If I remember correctly My parents and Grandparents would chip in half the money for the moped if I could get the rest and so when the opportunity came up to takeover a neighbors paper route I grabbed it and started right away. As I write this I think of many successful Entrepreneurs who said their first job was a paper route
The First Day you follow the marks mapping out which houses get a paper but itís the second day you meet the neighbors who all say you must be new I like my paper and then each would tell you just where and how you should set their paper down and not just throw it in the direction of their house ( listen to your Customers)
The Roughest day was always Sunday Ya see Monday through Friday the papers were there when you got home from school and that was first before homework and the Saturday was delivered in the afternoon around the same time but I was home when the truck dropped the papers off at my house Saturdays was a little more work I set the Sunday inserts aside and went out and delivered the Saturday paper
Then Sundays I had to get up early as the truck showed up spend time inserting all the advertisements then go out and deliver this huge thick heavy Sunday Paper
After a few weeks of this I had enough and the Entrepreneurial Mind went to work there has to be a better way
What was the problem and how can we fix this
Sundays was the largest circulation more papers on Sunday then the rest of the week and Sundays paper had to be delivered by 7am but you couldnít get started until the truck got there
The Light bulb moment I started delivering the Sunday inserts on Saturday when I received them Why Should I have to wait until Sunday and try to hurry up and rush things so I began delivery of my Sunday morning inserts on Saturday
Immediately there was a response from my customers on this GREAT idea they loved getting the inserts a day earlier sometimes you just have to think outside the box
And yes I made enough to buy my new moped

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