Peoples Worlds are framed by their judging

Peoples Worlds are framed by their judging
Mathew 7 1-5
Condemn yourself. Donít criticize or judge others. So, that you may not be judge criticized condemned yourself. Just As you Ö others judged, criticized, condemned and in accordance to the measure. First get beam out of your own eye.
Romans 2 verse one Therefore, for wherein you judge another Thou that judges does the same things
You condemn yourself, you are condemning you. Every time we look at somebody and judge we set in motion judgement for ourselves later

Mathew 12:36But I Say unto every idle word men shall speak they shall give account for in the day of
James 5 verse 9 Grudge not against one another lest you be condemned

Donít complain against one another so you yourself wonít be complained against. It didnít just happen we planted that seed in the past. In James 5:9
James 5 9 niv donít grumble
ZIP it ZIP it ZIP it
Immediately repent when you grumble then stop grumbling
Our Mouths set our life on the path were to be on
Donít Judge it leaves the doors open
James 5 9 Stop complaining brothers
Everyone has sewed a seed of complaining but did you repent
Or do you now find complaining people around you all the time

Check your HEART, watch your mouth. Spiritual things you know people you think should be more spiritual by now maybe they should be more prosperous by now
They heard every sermon that would be called judging
Or someone gets sick you tell them the word blast them with healing scriptures
And you say just receive it, donít you know you should be heard by now, thatís judging

WE donít Know a personís Heart
Who are you to judge another manís servant

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