Kempoman the Self Defense Study Guide
Kempoman the self defense study Guide
In this 106 page book you will see all the forms white to 5th degree black belt written out step by step as well as others you may not have been shown based on your branch of the Shaolin Kempo Karate tree
In the Kempo fathers section I share my stories of those Teachers Masters and Grand Masters who trained me in the arts
The section on anatomy of kempo I share the stances strikes kick and more and where they are found in the system
The first 60 combinations of the shaolin kempo karate system are photographed with step by step instruction written out to help you in your training
We also share two of my own personal forms and finally a section on health and fitness in the martial arts

Kempoman the Self Defense Study Guide now on sale $24.95

Kempoman Study Guide DVD
This is a 2 hour DVD the Shaolin Kempo Karate system White to 3rd degree black belt is covered by two different instructors Multiple views of the first 40 combinations and much more….. a Complement to the 125 page manual Kempoman a self defense study guide
This is a collection of homemade video footage from the 80s and 90s edited and copied to DVD to help you in your study of Shaolin Kempo Karate
Sale $29.95

Mike Allen & Joe Palanzo

Mike Allen & Joe Palanzo Classic 1980s over 100 American Kenpo Techniques

This is a DVD video tape
We start with Master Joe Palanzo sharing the following techniques on an opponent
American Kenpo Techniques
Delayed Sword, Aggressive twins, Sword of Destruction, Deflecting Hammer, Spreading Branches, The Pincher, Checking the Storm, Mace of Aggression, Attacking Mace Intellectual Departure.

Clutching Feathers, Triggered Salute, Dance of Death, Locking Horns, Gift of Destruction, Lone Kimono, Glancing Salute, Five Swords, Scrapping Hoof, Grip of Death, Crossing Talons, Shielding Hammer, Thrusting Salute, Striking serpents head, Locked Wing, Obscure Wing, Reversing Mace, Buckling Branch, Thrusting Prongs, Twisted Twig, Obscure Sword, Repeating Mace, Raining Claw, Crashing Wings,

Captured Leaves, Checking the Storm, Twirling Wings, Snapping Twig, Leaping Crane, Crushing Hammer, Circling Wing, (????? ) Charging Ram, Parting Wings, Thundering Hammers, Squeezing the Peach, Bow of compulsion, Obstructing the Storm, Darting Mace, Shield and Sword, Crushing Hammer , Gift and return, Cross of destruction, Twin Kimonos, Hooking Wings, Sleeper, Spiraling Twig, Flight to freedom,

Begging Hands, Flashing Wings, Repeated devastation, Entangled Wing, Defying the storm, Raking Mace, Thrusting Wedge, Shield and Mace, Tripping Arrow, Fallen Cross, Returning Storm, Crossed Twigs, Flashing Mace, Hugging pendulum, Wings of Silk, Gathering Clouds, Gripping Talons, ???Talon , Circling the horizion, Retreating pendulum, Destructive Twins, Broken Ram, Twisted Fate, ?????< , ????Escape from death, Obscure Claws, Circles of protection, Heavenly assent, Brushing the storm, Menacing twirl, ???????? Detour from doom, ?????? Capturing the storm, Conquering shield, Encounter from danger, ?????? Circle of doom, ???Gift, Securing the storm, Intercepting the ram, ?????? Glancing Wing, Twirling sacrifice, Clipping the storm, Back breaker, In the above list where you see ???? Question Marks the tape cut off and you cannot hear the name announced the tape was started and stopped after each technique and was originally taped on VHS in the 1980s the tape is choppy but good for the age you can see what’s going on each technique is done slow shown on an opponent then once at speed.As you can see Joe Palanzo shares over 100 techniques
In addition Short form Three, Long Form Three, Form Four, Form Five, Form Six these are done at a walk through pace. This is by Joe Palanzo Then Master Mike Allen goes solo with the following techniques Thrust to darkness, Circling fan, ???? Falcons of force, Bear and the ram, glancing spear Raining lance, Protecting Fans, Deceptive panther, Courting the Tiger, ???? snakes , Desprate falcons, Glancing Lance, unfurling crane, ???and eagle, Dominating circles, Thrusting lance, Destructive Fans, snakes of Wisdom, Parting the Snakes, Blinding sacrifice, ???? Lance, Leap from Death, Falling falcon, Twirling hammers, Destructive Kneel, Dance of Darkness, Marriage of the Rams, Ram and the eagle, Fatal Cross, ??????Storm ¸ ???the dark , reversing circles, Escape from Darkness, Circling wind mills, ???? Cross, Prance of the Tiger, Bowing to Buddha, piercing lance, Rod, Five swords, Scraping hoof , Grip of death, Crossing talon, Shield and hammer, Thrusting salute, Striking serpents head, Locked wing, Obscured Wing, Reversing Mace, Buckling branch, thrusting Prongs, Twisted Twig, Obscured Sword, Repeating Mace, Raining claw, Crashing wings, Captured leaves, Evading the storm, Twirling wings, Snapping twig, Leaping Crane, Crushing hammer, Circling Wing, Then Mike Allen with the Bo Staff then more solo techniques in the boxing GYM in south Florida As you can see Mike Allen shares over 60 techniques Then more forms work is seen multiple times by multiple students Including empty hand and weapon forms Then Master Allen’s Open tournament form with rolls and falls One he used to do in competition back in the day. The Tape is Choppy throughout YET a VERY GOOD piece of AMERICAN KENPO history .
Sale $13.00

Shaolin Kempo Combinations 1 to 90

The Shaolin Kempo Karate Combinations 1 to 90 on 5 DVDs
We have all the combinations covered from White belt to 5th degree Master Level and then some. The Combinations started with 26 then through the years Great Grand Master Fred Villari added 27 to 108. My first Kempo Father told me the story of the animals of Shaolin Kempo Karate and how Great Grand Master Villari taught each of his higher ranking students differently based on their animal of preference; this was what was told to me back in the 1980s. This gave us one interpretation of how the higher level combinations seemed to be different from one set of schools to another. In South Florida things were different then the North East and later those on the west coast of the United States also appeared to be somewhat different. Then finally when the branches of the family tree separated from the roots of Fred Villari Shaolin Kempo we can only guess that the missing Combinations in various branches of the Family Tree were simply filled in by Kempos or animal techniques by those who broke away from the root.
One final note on the combinations My first Kempo Father taught us hundreds of KEMPOS from white to black belt and many of my Kempos later became my combinations for example I learned combination 56 a high ranking Combination as a BLUE belt yes I said a blue belt. When Jack Racine came back from a black belt workout many times he would share the newest Kempo punch technique or what he sometimes called Animal technique and as I said later we found these were Combinations.
The Sale price is $90.00

Kempoman Body Weight Training book

Kempoman Body Weight Training Guide

Kempoman shares with His son body weight training exercises He first learned in the 1980s at Fred Villari Studios of self-defense in Coral Springs Florida from Jack Racine Frank Arteese John Fritz and others
How incorporating body weight movements with Martial Arts basics developing your own routine to fit your needs.
We share basic body weight to advanced animal exercises to develop one’s overall health jack always said to be the best Martial artist one had to be in the best shape possible
This guide will get you started on your journey to health prosperity.
sale price $15.99

The Poet Tree of Life
The Poet Tree of Life
One Man’s search , One man’s struggle
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise – Proverbs 11:30
Where do I began with my story? How will I tell it? how will it be precede told from the viewpoint from the writer. And received differently from each one who reads based on their life experiences. So, each person may get something different out of a story, a poem, an idea, concept. You must have some context. You must have ground rules. Lay a foundation. Think of two people in a movie theater one is a Christian one is an atheist. They are both watching a film about faith. Maybe faith in God or faith in man. If one is a follower of Jesus Christ, they are going to perceive the events in the movie differently than the non-believer. So, this book the Poet Tree of Life could very well could mean something different so each individual who read it. I hope and our prayer is to encourage people in the body of Christ to follow Jesus to fulfill God s call Gods plan, Gods vision for your life.
sale price $15.99

Classic Villari seminar Sept 1988

GGM Fred Villari September 1988 Seminar
How to get maximum power out of your punch
How the Eagle and Crane work well together
The transfer is taught
The Mantis is shared
45 Combination is also shared
Tendon strength and what Grand Master Fred Villari personally does to develop the tendons in his hands
This is a 60 minute video
the sale price is $13.00

GGM Fred Villari Classic Dec 1988

GM Fred Villari December 1988 Seminar
In the video GGM Villari teaches
The Transfer from the Dragon is covered
Floating with strikes
Importance of using the BODY in grappling not strength
Legs for balance body movement and pinning
Benefits of open hand strikes over closed fist strikes
This is a 60 minute video
this sells for $13.00

GGM Villari 1990 Classic seminar

GM Fred Villari 1990 Seminar
In this video GGM Fred Villari covers some of the Shaolin in his Shaolin Kempo Karate system
Buddha’s Palm Willow Palm Butterfly Palm Snake kick (this is not the snake kick from the Nengli form)
And much more
This is a 90 minute video
the video sells for $13.00

Classic GGM Ed Parker & Mike Allen

Great Grand Master ED Parker & Master Mike Allen American Kenpo classic 1980s

Classic GGM Ed Parker & Mike Allen

Great Grand Master ED Parker & Master Mike Allen American Kenpo classic 1980s

GM ED Parker Master Mike Allen 1980s Rare
We see work on Long 7 Two Man Set Star block Kicking set Coordination set
Striking set Triggered salute Trusting salute Locking horns Five swords
Glancing salute Scraping hoof Grip of Death Crossing Talon Striking serpents head Obscure sword Obscure wing reversing mace Thrusting Prongs twisted twig raining claw Crashing wings twirling wing Leaping crane swinging pendulum Crushing hammer Captured leaves Parting wings evading the storm charging ram thundering hammer circling wing darting mace hooking wings shield and sword sleeper spiraling twig flight to freedom and more with the Extensions Then more work on Long 7
Some Kenpo forms Bo staff from 2 angles More Kenpo forms
At this point the tape is one hour
Then Grand Master ED Parker Seminar 1980s in Florida
Point of reference Blocking and body alignment
Share Kenpo not show so we all learn Purpose of stepping back
What style is all about Method of execution
Using the plus sign to teach height width and depth
How to bring more value to blocks Phonetics of motion
Ed Parker teaches why AND is a dirty word in KENPO
Obscure Zones
Economy of motion and much more is covered
This section of the tape with Grand Master Ed Parker is almost 2 hours in length
Then one of Mike Allen student’s performs two weapons forms

this video sells for $13.00


GM FRED Villari 1988
(note this is a third in a series of 1988 seminars)
GM Villari talks about training 10 years Karate five years Kempo then we begin the Shaolin. 5th degree Black Belt Masters start the shaolin training and as of 1988 GM Villari decided to open u the Shaolin to the lower ranks.
GM Villari teaches about importance of multiple strikes, never putting everything into your first strike.
GM Villari introduces some of the Master of that day Fred Bagley Jimmy Bryant Bob Nohelty Marc Gruposso John Fritz Cal Carrozzi, Harvey Thaler and more
The Plum Tree is covered, Eagle Claw techniques against punches and kicks
When Shaolin is done correctly very little effort GM Villari shows how to use shaolin against front kick one of the hardest kick to defend against
The Fourth step covering great distance from the attacker
The third step the length away from the attacker’s longest extremity
The second step punching and kick ranges
The first step close for locks and throws
All four steps are from the /tiger and he will attack from each
The fight is won in the first and second step
GM Villari covers throws and locks and how to set your self up to throw by breaking the attackers balance first
GM Villari teaches on 1000 Buddha’s then Bob Nohelty shows the form 1000 Buddha’s

Note When You buy This Video we send you all three 1988 Classics on one DVD
This sells for $17.00

GM ED Parker Feb 7 1988 Pennsylvania

Ed Parker Feb 7th 1988 Pennsylvania
Some of the concepts covered on this DVD
Toe heel relationship width Heel knee relationship depth
When you bend the knees comfortably you have height
Together these equal mobility in a stance
Neutral bow is the neutrality of weight in a stance
Point of origin
Four ways of switching
Dimensional stages of action
Contact manipulation
Three Phases of development of a technique
And so much more in this 2 hour DVD

this sells for $13.00

GM ED Parker Nunchaku Seminar

GM ED Parker Nunchaku Seminar April 1990
GM Ed Parker covers Extended and cradled the basics of holding the weapon
The Environment around you on you and in you around you any object near on you a pen a comb in you maybe illness or fear these things determine your environment
How to check height & width at the same time for a moment which is all you need using the figure eight
GM ED Parker shares wisdom with a famous quote
When you keep the head below the waistline you keep their feet in place
This is a 60 minute DVD

This sells for $13.00

Ed Parker Tribute Seminar 1988

Grand Master Ed Parker 1988 Tribute Seminar American Kenpo
This seminar is over four hours Grand Master Ed Parker shares his Long Form Four and much more Short Three is preformed slow Coordination set One & Two are shown at walk through pace. Then Striking set One & Two are shown at one of the East West Karate Schools then Larry Tatum in an old clip for about 20 to 30 minute followed by more of GM ED Parker

This sells for $13.00

GM Ed Parker 1981 Seminar

GM ED PARKER 1981 Seminar
GM Ed Parker talks about how the American Kenpo terminology differs from other systems. In the infant stages of speaking to learn a language we use phonetics. In Kempo the phonetics of motion are taught in the beginning with such movements as Chamber then block. In time we do away with the phonetics as we learn to punch or kick without chambering. GM Ed Parker shares the concepts terms opposite and reverse, Double Factor concepts, Reverse motion, the Eight angles of attack or defense and with the assistance of Bob Lyles and others GM Parker teaches on Orbital changes and much more…….. In this 90 minute video

This sells for $13.00

Hansuki Tiger Form

Hansuki Tiger Form
Where do we begin the form has different spellings Honsuki or Hansuki the way we were taught in South Florida. The Form has a Salutation a portion of which we were told came from James Mitose. In The Video we share the South Florida Fred Villari Shaolin Kempo version from the 1980,s I teach the form step by step as an educational informational DVD In this video I share my version of the form and point you to others who share insights based on their branch of the Kempo Family Tree
this sells for $17.89

GM ED Parker 1982

Ed Parker 82
In this 1982 Seminar GM Ed Parker covers point of reference
Interpretation of the upward block Defensive/Defensive offense/ Aggressive offense
Interrelated movements Angels of execution
How to control Width Height and depth
The Ankles / Wrist Kicks/ Punches How the positions relate
How Dance of Death is a cousin to thundering hammers
GM Parker shares these thoughts and so much more in the 2 hour DVD
this sells for $13.00

GM Ed Parker 1985

Ed Parker 1985
In this 1985 seminar GM Ed Parker shares his insights into American Kenpo
The Seminar opens up with discussion on Compounding and Contouring
Parting Wings is discussed How to use a bracing position as a launching pad.
Compound techniques with Major and minor moves make additional moves with in existing techniques
Contouring complimenting angels leveraging and tracking and much more
In addition Grip of Death and Dance of Death are worked on
GM Parker shares the leverage concepts to enhance techniques
We also have directional harmony as seen in American Kenpo being discussed
Then another one of Kenpo techniques is share Clutching feathers and the underlying Principles are talked about in the 90 minute DVD

this sells for $13.00

The Bug Form AKA Northern Tigers

The Bug Form AKA Northern Tigers AKA Sun Pai Tao
This is a DVD of the Shaolin Kempo Karate form named The Bug Form in the 1980s in South Florida
Some Call the Form Northern Tigers
This is a step by step informational DVD on The Bug Form Kempoman shares insights into the form
The Finger prints of Great Grand Master Fred Villari on this form are very clear
Many of the movements from the Shou Tung Kwa form another Great Grand Master Fred Villari creation are seen in this form
The Iron Fortress Blocking system shows up for the first time in the system in this form
I share what I like to call the South Florida version of this form.
Some great information on this DVD

This DVD sells for $17.89

I.M.A.A inc Master Mike Allen 2011 seminar

Master Mike Maunaloa Allen August 2011 Seminar
The IMAA inc and Kempoman are proud to present the brand new seminar by Master Mike Maunaloa Allen. Master Allen shares his timeless wisdom on tournament competition.
This seminar with Master Allen was held at Black Belt Kenpo Academy August 6th 2011 in South Florida with Montaser Nuwar
Master Mike Maunaloa Allen with 40 years in the Martial Arts is an accomplished instructor of various styles. As Kenpo Karate 9th degree black belt, from 2nd through 5th he received from Grand Master Ed Parker. Then from 6th through 9th he received from Master Frank Arteese, In the style of Jujitsu Master Allen received his 1st through 4th from Prof. Moses Powell & Master Rex Lee. In Go-Ju Ryu 1st degree from Master Rex Lee. In the style of Tai Chi Chung Master Allen received Instructor level from Head Instructor John Graber. In the Shotokan system he received 1st Degree from Berry Deutsch, In Kadena De Mano Eskrima Level 1 through 4th from Hanshe Marty Ferrick. World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1996 Master Instructor of the Year World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1996 Sports Medicine Four time Florida State Champion Winner of over 200 trophies Promoter of tournaments since 1977 to 2005 Founder and President of the I.M.A.A. Founder of the I.M.A.A. Magazine Vice Pres. of the Florida Black Belt Assoc. 1984 Rank 2nd in the world in fighting from U.S.K.A. 1986Rank 3rd in the world in forms from U.S.K.A. 1986 Rank 3rd in the world in open forms from U.S.K.A. 1986 Rank 3rd in the world in weapons from U.S.K.A. 1986 Licensed Massage Therapist and Nutrition Counselor 1985 Licensed in hypnotherapy since 1993 Licensed Police Self-Defense Instructor International 1995 Certified Youth Motivator for County Schools 1995 and so much more in his 40 plus years in the martial arts.
This is a seminar from one of my Kempo Fathers

This DVD sells for $13.00

Ed Parker 1986 American Kenpo seminar

Ed Parker 1986 American Kenpo Seminar.
Video starts with a belt promotion, then SGM Ed Parker shares the rearrangement concept. Then combinations that can stem from four basic moves. He also discusses his formula for fighting. Why it's important to control height, width and depth. How to insert and add moves. Alternating targets or weapons or both. Then a great explanation on how the tech. Dance of Death should be done correctly, using zone of sanctuary and much more

This Sells for $13.00

SGM Ed Parker Form 5 & 6 Seminar

We start with a little work on reversing mace
Then we go into opening of Form five
Why we step back in the opening
Why it’s important to block at or above the elbow when blocking on the outside
The need of using counter balance in the execution of stomps
The Timing of the counter balance ads to the force of the stomp
Form Five and Six are shown In part and some knife defense in this classic DVD

This Sells for $13.00

ED Parker Chili

ED Parker Chili
In This great Classic Katas (form) and some techniques are perform by SGM ED Parker
There are interviews and clips some great footage with Joe Palanzo and much more including some silent footage
This is about 2 hours with topics including two man set leaping crane techniques and more

This DVD sells for $13.00

ED Parker GOLD


In the ED Parker Gold seminar GM Parker with chalk in hand shares his insights into American Kenpo. Style may be different what are the constants?
GM Parker shares the story of the hammer and nail A New York construction worker may hammer a nail a bit different then say a Florida construction worker. The Nail and the Hammer is the constant the Method of application how you hammer a nail is your style.
Think of Rembrandt and Picasso two famous painters They’re method of applying paint on the canvas is their style. While the paint the brush and the canvas are the constants both artist have their own style or method of application.
How dose this apply to Kenpo GM ED Parker teaches how in this seminar.
In addition the subjects of Environment Range & position as they apply to Kenpo as well as Major and minor moves are discussed. And so much more………..This DVD is 1 hour 45 min long

this sells for $13.00

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