The Challenge of the Vision

The Challenge of the Vision

As I walk into my prayer closet I begin to sing praises unto the Lord
God inhabits the Praises of His People the Bible tells us so
As Jesus taught the Disciples to pray I begin with
Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name
I Hallow the Names of God
Jehovah Jireh Jehovah Nissi Jehovah Shalom Jehovah Jeshua Jehovah Joel Jehovah Jockebed Jehovah Johanan Jehovah Tsidkenu Jehovah Shammah Jehovah Rophe Jehovah Rohi

In my time of prayer God shows me a vision. In the Word, it tells us write the vision make it plain so he that reads it can run with it. A clear example of this was taken from my background in the Martial arts. The first day you walk into a karate school you are known as a beginning student or white belt student. You will be introduced to your teacher, instructor, professor Master Grand Master Sensei or Sifu. their title is based on their style system art and how long they have been in the Martial arts.
It is simple to say they are the teacher and you are the student. After the introductions, most will point you to a wall where you will see the vision. OUR GOAL IS BLACK BELT. Underneath those words on the wall you will see belts ranging from White to black with various colors in between. Under each belt, you will see a sheet of paper in the same color as the corresponding belt with a lesson plan a curriculum to follow to achieve that particular rank. The teacher will give instruction covering the lesson plan. You must follow the instructions practicing the lessons repeatedly until you have achieved a level of proficiency the teachers deems necessary. Then you must take a test to prove your knowledge understanding and abilities at each level of your training. You must pass the test to receive your next rank.
This continues with each step each belt level each rank until you reach your Goal of BLACK BELT
In my particular training the ranks were; White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown and then BLACK BELT. I started as a White belt in august of 1982 and on July 12th 1985 I tested for my Black Belt which I received some 5 hours later. On November 20th 2009 I was awarded a 5th degree Master Level Black Belt Thatís 24 years after my Black Belt Test. The Challenge of the vision can be clear as shown above Maybe your Vision is to be a black belt and maybe If You follow the road My Teachers laid out before me you can be a Black belt in just under 3 years and maybe you could achieve Master Level with only 24 more years. As I stated above one can clearly see an example of a Vision a Goal the Challenges met to achieve a particular level. However, fulfilling Gods Purpose and Plan for your life may not always be as clearly understood. There are other areas in my life where I knew I had heard from the Lord I took a step of faith and fell flat on my face mentally, emotionally and in other ways. When we donít understand, what then? Have you ever heard the voice of the Lord speak to you clearly and as you followed His instruction you were taken to the next level in that area of your life?
Then you again hear the voice of the Lord speak to you about another area of your life you step out in faith and nothing happens and you just donít understand. You try not to let doubt, worry, fear, frustration come into your thinking, but they somehow show their ugly faces. Then you try and go back to the basics. What is Godís plan for my life? Spiritually Mentally Emotionally Physically and Financially. Whatís Gods Plan and Purpose for me on this planet
The teacher will give instruction covering the lesson plan you must follow the instruction. Practice the lessons repeatedly until you have achieved a level of proficiency the teacher deems necessary before.

Detail- Protocol
Find your purpose, do it the way God designed
Your prayer life is essential
Praise and worship is essential
Egypt-a place of survival, the people were slaves
The desert-place of confusion, people were double minded
Canaan-place of promise, you have to move into the place of promise where you depend on God.
Promise Land
Your dream is what God promised
What you see determines your destiny
Stay in the presence of God
2016 will be a year of position, Get in position
2016 will be a year of influence; your voice will be heard. Your actions will be affective.
Slavery ended at the Red Sea
After the Red Sea, slavery days were behind them.
In the desert there was confusion in the camp. They were self-centered; they created their own gods while Moses was up on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments.
Most Christians donít know how to live free.
For forty years they could not see the promise, so they never got to the promise land where it could manifest itself.
Joshua and Caleb saw the promise, they got to enter the promise land
Everyone has a Jordan to cross
Reasons for crossing your Jordan:
Your purpose for living canít be fulfilled where you are itís time to move.
Donít stay where your creativity like a candle goes out and you no longer have any influence.
Go where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated.
When you canít hear Gods word there itís time to leave there.
When you are willing to cross your Jordan it will create a life worth living. It will create a vision that is clear. Stop the pity parties, get moving with the vision God has for you. A desire to make your move creates a road to success.
Ideas, concepts and strategies will begin to manifest. To find answers to your problems you have to make a move.
Get out of the desert, stop being double minded, cross over your Jordan.
God already has a plan in place.
Now give attention to detail.
God wants you to live a full successful life
Separate yourself from people. God gave you a message, write your book. Write down the message A man with a vision cannot die if you walk with God.
A man with a vision walks in purpose and destiny. Prosperity is not money. Itís having enough of the presence of God to do what He has called you to do to live the life you were called to live. Stop thinking like a slave, change your thinking, and think like a child of God. You are a chosen generation, make the move!
How far will you go with the promise of God in 2016.

How Many will move in 2016
Move into that new home
Move into a new job
Move forward in your relationship with Jesus
Move forward with the Life God Has Given you
Move with purpose and a plan
Move forward in relation to Family and Friends

Leave your Egypt
Stop wandering the desert
Cross over your Jordan


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