"The Real Prosperity Gospel"

"The Real Prosperity Gospel"
How do you start a conversation on this topic without people immediately taking sides based on their past experiences? I heard this, I saw that so my belief system brings me to one conclusion and in one sentence people tell you their view and that is the final word.
So we search the scriptures. What is the Gospel and what is prosperity? Maybe if we read these passages over and over we will begin to prosper. We have attended churches that preach on prosperity. We went to conferences, bought the books, tapes and even the t Shirt that says, "I am Prosperous in Christ" Lets make it sound good. We have books and tapes from countless authors but our bank account is the same. But 6 months later, one to two years of focusing on my finances on Jesus is where my prosperity began.
What is the Real Prosperity Gospel:
--Spiritual Prosperity
--Prosperity of the mind
--Prosperity in your emotions
--Prosperity in your health
--Prosperity in your finances

A man walks into a Christian Financial consultants office. He says, "Hello I am retired and I want to know how you can help me manage my money in retirement". And so the conversation begins:
Consultant: You are retired?
Retiree: Yes
Consultant: How old are you?
Retiree: 55
Consultant: And your retired?
Retiree: Yes
Consultant: Do you own your own home?
Retiree: Yes
Consultant: And you are retired?
Retiree: Yes
Then the Christian Financial consultant ask HOW DID YOU DO THAT? He answers, "All my life I have served One God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have worked at one job. I have lived in one house. I have been married to one woman. I started working right after college. Once I had the job I got married and we bought a house. The Bible says establish your work in the field and then build your house. Proverbs 24:27. We simply followed the rule book known as the Bible. The Consultant states, "As much as I would love to help you discuss your financial future. It appears to me, it is I that is in need of your guidance"!

Another analogy would be:
Hello my name is Mark. Iím here to discuss my financial future. My momís been nagging me to go talk to someone about my money problems since I donít seem to take her advice. You know how moms can be? The consultant replies, "Well Mark just what problems are you having? We will lay out the best plan to solve the issues at hand. "How does that sound to you"?

Well actually better then when you going to grow up and learned to handle money properly that would be my mom that voice that wonít shut up inside my head you know

Ok Lets Talk basics for a moment

How Much Money do you earn each Year

And What are your expenses

Are you single married Children that sort of stuff

Well Im not Married However I do live with this woman but I donít want to marry her because I have this other woman on the side

And then thereís my secretary

As for children I have two from my first wife and one from my second

And do you pay alimony or Child support

Well that would be a Yes and a Yes

Now you havenít even answered my first question of How much money do you make but I can tell you already where most of its going

Another question I have for you do you have any hobbies or habitsí?

Well I Golf on the weekends not sure what you mean by habits is that good or bad

Well that depends on your moral compass

This is a Christian Financial center you just walked into

And the Word of almighty God is our Financial Guide book

I smell alcohol on your breathe and thatís a pack of cigarettes in your shirt pocket and its 10 oíclock in the morning

Well yes thatís a pack of cigarettes in my pocket and the alcohol is because I did not have any milk in the house so I poured a beer in my cereal this morning nothing worse than dry cereal right

Why are You asking all these questions?

Most people donít understand how

How their Spiritual Life

Their mental life

Their emotional life

And their physical life

Effects their Financial Life

Obviously you fall into that category

To Start with Here is a Bible and now lets Pray

For God So loved the World He Gave

Father God Gave His Son Jesus who died on the cross for your sins and Mine He died for the Sins of the world

If you believe in your Heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord you can be saved

Whosover calls on the name of the Lord can be saved You Have to believe

The Bible says for all have sinned and the wages of sin is death

But Jesus Died so you could live if you will believe on him

Ya See True prosperity is not just MONEY

Jesus said I came that you Might Have life and Have it more abundantly

There are many who are rich but they donít have true prosperity

The Real Prosperity Gospel is just that itís the Gospel of Jesus Christ overflowing in every area of your life

Spiritual Life

Mental Life

Emotional Life

Physical Life

Financial Life

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